19 January 2010

Profit From Soccer Tips By Finding The Best Odds Available

One thing that I have mentioned previously but I really feel that I must mention again with regard to soccer tips is that it is imperative that you try and get the best prices possible for your selections.

I have lost count of the amount of people who tell me that they only ever use one sportsbook to place all of their bets without apparently giving the price a second thought. This is music to the ears of the various sportsbooks but in this day and age it is absolutely unforgivable if you are aspiring to be a professional punter or even if you simply want to make a profit from your gambling activities.

I could perhaps understand it if the only means of placing a bet was at the traditional bricks and mortar bookies but getting the best prices at online sportsbooks is an extremely easy process and there are tools such as oddschecker that will make the whole process an absolute breeze.

I would strongly advise that you open accounts at as many sportsbooks as possible for your soccer picks but make sure that you keep detailed records of your user names and passwords as it can all get very confusing when you have a number of accounts open.

I can promise you that if you are not used to the different prices that are on offer you will be absolutely amazed and if you take a minute to work out what these price differences can mean to your bottom line you will wish that you opened more accounts earlier.

As you probably know, one of my favoured types of bet is a trixie when using soccer tips and if you can get only marginally better prices on these selections it can increase the return hugely due to the cumulative nature of this type of bet.

I must also point out that there is the added benefit of collecting the often attractive sign up bonuses that many of the sportsbooks offer for simply opening an account with them and this all adds to the profits that you are already making from your soccer tips.

I think you will agree that you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by opening several sportsbook accounts and taking advantage of the better prices that are on offer.


25 October 2009

Soccer Tips - Self Select Or Buy?

Rather than paying for soccer tips you may prefer to select your own. This is quite understandable. There is now a vast amount of information out there on the internet if you know where to look for it. However, you must take the time and be diligent and consistent in making your selections if you hope to profit from your soccer betting. You would need to define you are selection strategy, apply it consistently but keep it under constant review and update it to obtain maximum winning selections at the best odds possible. Alternatively you could subscribe to a such as such as Best Bet Soccer and let them do all the hard work for you.

What would you need to do to choose your own "soccer tips"? Below we give an indication, in broad terms, of the basic considerations you would need to make.

You would need to first of all assess the probabilities of either team winning in a huge list of matches. You could not hope to find the best value available at any time if you did not review at least the half-dozen, eight or 10 main leagues. You would also have to have the courage of your own convictions in making those selections.

Having selected your own "soccer tips" you then need to find the best odds available to place your bet. There are literally hundreds of betting sites on the internet. Best Bet Soccer does not review all of them. They use other "comparison" websites to cut out some of the donkey work. However, they personally review those offering the best odds to ensure no changes have taken place prior to selecting and publishing their own soccer tips.

Before placing your bet you should also check out team news and suchlike to ensure that there are no extenuating circumstances which may have a significant effect on the outcome of any particular match. Bearing in mind that the bookmakers have staffs of hundreds researching and odds making they normally set the odds fractionally to their advantage. If a bookmaker promotes a particular match result either at a shorter price or longer price than you would have expected this is certainly one that you should check out both before making your soccer selections and before placing your bet.

There are many websites available to check out team news. Primarily the clubs’ own websites provide a lot of reliable information. There are also forums where much information can be gleaned although the content of many forums is not regulated and therefore cannot always be trusted. Off-line there is, of course, the press and you would need to read a good sporting paper throughout the week.

There are also statistical methods in picking the soccer tips. For instance, today, 25 October 2009, Liverpool overcame Manchester United in the UK Premier League. Liverpool were on a run of four losses, the worst losing sequence they had experienced since 1997. Statistically they were due a win and could have been backed with some confidence. Further, having suffered such a losing run if the players were worth their salt there would have been an element of determination when, perhaps, Manchester United were treating the fixture rather more casually!

In a post of this length and nature we cannot hope to give guidance on how to make your own "soccer tip" selections. What we have done is given you a few pointers on the way to go about it. You may decide that a low-cost, quality service, such as Best Bet Soccer, would save you the effort of making your own selections and also give you an added confidence in the selections and therefore in making your bets.

Most good soccer tips services provide a great deal of additional information regarding, for instance, maintenance of a betting bank, staking plans and so on. You therefore get much more for your money than only the periodic soccer tips they promise.

It is essential that subscribe to an honest and genuine service.

However you go about obtaining your soccer tips, the very best of luck to you.

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12 September 2009

Best Bet Soccer Tips - 12 and 13 September 2009

We've put up two trixies this week:

1. Bayern Munich, West Bromwich Albion, Rennes. £25 win trixie (£100 total stake) with Stan James to produce a possible return of £342.61 for a potential profit of £242.61.

2. Middlesborough, Charlton and AC Milan. £25 trixie (£100 total stake) with William Hill to produce a possible return of £349.32 for a potential profit of £249.32.

Check out the detail on the Best Bet Soccer Selections Blog.

19 July 2009

Welcome To Best Bet Soccer Tips

Best Bet Soccer Welcome to our new blog - Best Bet Soccer Tips.

This blog is produced in asssociation with our website and its related blog. We'll be covering some of the stuff here that doesn't fit with them.

We hope to update reasonably often so check back now and again. In the meantime why not check out the website or blog?